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Judith Woodsworth Lecture

In 2017, to mark the 30th anniversary of the Canadian Association for Translation Studies and to recognize the growing role played by students in ACT-CATS activities, we announced the inauguration of the a new annual event: The Young Researchers Keynote Lecture. At the general assembly, it was agreed that the event would become annual and would be known as the Judith Woodsworth Lecture.

Each year, a student will be chosen by a ACT-CATS jury to give a 40-minute paper, followed by a 20-minute question period during the annual ACT-CATS conference. A $500 grant will be given to the speaker to help offset the cost of attending the conference.

Françoise Miquet, Université de Montréal

Could translator’s ethics challenge public narratives on collective memory? 

Anne-Marie Rivard, Concordia University 

Discours journalistique en matière d’avortement au Canada (1988-1991). Traduction intralinguale, traduction interlinguale.


Wangtaolue Guo, University of Alberta 

Homotextualizing Niezi: From Sinful Sons to Crystal Boys. 



(annulé – COVID)

Rosemarie Fournier-Guillemette, Université du Québec à Montréal 

Les destinées françaises de la voix auctoriale chez Jane Austen : de la polyphonie d’une œuvre au dialogisme de ses traductions.

Anastasia Llewellyn, Concordia University 

Translation or Extinction: The Lasting Contribution of the 1588 Welsh Bible to the Survival of a Minoritized Language.


Karim Chagnon, Concordia University  

Traduction, postcolonialisme et théorie autochtone, la question du «settler». 

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